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Urbinati Srl has been founded in 1978 and since then it has always been operating in the horti-floroculture market, reaching high technological standards. Technicians grant to customers quality and service, offering: support to any projects and meet any demand; ongoing research on the best materials to guarantee high quality products; excellent after-sale assistance is granted. Choose Urbinati machines means to make a step ahead on technology and reliability, making its own business a really qualified workplace.

Your company or organization is invited to consider a unique partnership that will provide you with the opportunity to reach out to a wide range of members from the global community working on Soilless Culture and Hydroponics. Come and increase your presence within this community by participating in the upcoming III International Symposium on Soilless Culture and Hydroponics: Innovation and advanced technology for circular horticultureto be held from 1stto 4th of November 2020 in Lemesos, Cyprus.

The conference, under the aegis of ISHS, the International Society for Horticultural Science and with the support of Cyprus University of Technology and University of Turin is certainly the most important international event on Soilless Culture and Hydroponics, with participants from different countries.

The event will take place in Cyprus for the first time and will have a particularly strong contingent from Italy, Spain, France, Netherlands, and Israel, leading countries of the Soilless Culture and Hydroponics sector in terms of research, innovation and production. A relevant amount of participants is also expected from Americas, Asia, Middle East and North Africa.

The Hydro2020 conference will draw together research and business, young researchersand established scientists, industrial processors and suppliers, horticultural producers and supply chain actors. Governments and institutions participation is also expected.

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